Touch VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy v2.10.40 Ad-Free

One Touch VPN Free Unlimited. Touch VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy v2.10.40 Ad-Free. Can’t access some websites or applications? Worried about Wi-Fi hotspot without a condom? Want to be anonymous and are protected from scrutiny and hackers? Touch the VPN-is the best solution for you!

Public Wi-Fi unsafe. Whatever you send or receive on your mobile device you use public WiFi can be tapped, which makes your personal information such as passwords, pictures, application data, and other personal information vulnerable to hackers.

Touch the VPN automatically change the WiFi WiFi public to secure private and protected. Mobile security, privacy, and your personal information will be protected from hackers, identity theft, and other malicious activity when we detect a public WiFi network.

One Touch the VPN is supported by one of the providers of privacy, security, and access the most trustworthy-Hotspot Shield.

Highlights of Touch the VPN:

  • Free: 100% free. No credit card information is required. There is no trial offer.
  • Not limited to: really is not limited. There is no limit sessions, speed or bandwidth.
  • Simple: open the block world with just one touch of a button’s “Connect “.
  • Secured: our strong SSL encryption will make you completely anonymous and secure.
  • Support: If you have feedback or suggestions, please send an email to:!

What is a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. When connecting to the VPN server through VPN such as Touch-it
set up a secure connection to the server is encrypted and in other countries. Because the encryption process
data cannot be filtered or blocked. If you live in Sweden for example, when connected to the VPN server in the US,
your traffic will look like comes from the United States, not Sweden

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Why use a VPN

With a VPN, you can not only unblock restricted geographical service or censored, such as Facebook, Pandora
and Youtube; your online privacy and security will be strongly supported as you will surf the web completely anonymously
VPN vs. Proxy

VPN and Proxy can hide the identity of the user with the route your internet traffic and change your IP. A
However, fully browser-based proxy server, either you use Chrome, Safari, or Firefox; and may not be compatible with certain web pages that use a non-browser technology. Unlike a Proxy, VPN
Service encrypts all your traffic, and will work with all internet-based services. In short, the VPN will provide
You with more freedom, privacy and security online.

Why Touch The VPN

Touch the VPN 100% free, unlimited, secure, and super easy to use. You can connect to one of the servers below
(Sweden, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Netherlands, United States, and Canada) can be enjoyed without limits
online privacy and freedom. With VPN you can Touch
Access any website in any country.

Geographical restrictions ignore to unblock any web site where ever you are! Get access to blocked sites or
censored by the Government, school or workplace. Avoid firewall to unblock Facebook, watching YouTube, and avoid the limitations of VOIP.
Protect your Data from Hackers

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When you connect to public Wi-Fi Hotspot, name, password, and personal information you can
easily compromised. Touch the VPN encrypts your data and give you the banking level security to the best protection
Touch the Proxy Service VPN a VPN is a one-click.

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Touch the VPN contains only one button. This button takes you to one of the many anonymous server to speed faster than a web proxy. When you are not running our applications, we help you save battery life of your device.

And we are
VPN unlimited and completely free
Browse the Web anonymously

To avoid surveillance by your ISP and prevent web sites from tracking and ad targeting. Touch change VPN
your IP address is your online identity, so anonymous and Your internet activity is not accessible to prying eyes and business.
What’s new

Fix some rare accidents that may have never seen
Polished some stuff under the hood
If you are having connection problems, please try the feature’s “alternative protocols ” recently we are available in the settings and let us know your feedback!
Mod Info

There is no limit of time or amount of Data

How do I install Touch VPN Free Unlimited VPN Proxy ?

  1. Save the downloaded apk. SD card on your android phone
  2. Run and install
  3. That was it, Enjoy! 🙂


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