Ken Saras: The Rising Star In Indonesian Entertainment Industry

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Ken Saras is a young Indonesian actor and musician who has recently gained popularity among Indonesian youths. Born on 17th February 2000, Ken started his career in entertainment industry in 2018 when he participated in a singing competition in his hometown, Yogyakarta. Since then, he has been actively working in various fields of entertainment industry, such as acting, singing, and modeling.

Early Life and Career

Ken was born and raised in Yogyakarta, a cultural city in Indonesia. He grew up in a musical family, where his father was a musician and his mother was a singer. Ken inherited his parents’ talent and started to learn music since he was a child. He learned to play guitar, drum, and piano by himself, and often performed in local events and festivals.

After finishing his high school, Ken decided to pursue his dream in entertainment industry. He participated in a singing competition in his hometown and won the first prize. This success led him to meet several producers and agents, who offered him various opportunities in entertainment industry.

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Acting Career

Ken made his debut in acting by playing a supporting role in a TV series called “Cinta di Langit Taj Mahal” in 2019. He impressed the audience with his acting skills and was offered more opportunities in acting. In 2020, he played a leading role in a movie called “Bukan Cinta Malaikat”. This movie received positive reviews from critics and helped him to gain more recognition in Indonesian entertainment industry.

In 2022, Ken was casted as a leading role in a Netflix series called “The Secret of Borobudur”. This series is a mystery drama that takes place in Borobudur, a famous temple in Indonesia. Ken plays the role of a young archaeologist who investigates the mystery behind the temple. This series is expected to be a breakthrough for Ken’s career and to bring him to international level.

Music Career

Aside from acting, Ken is also a talented musician. He started to write his own songs since he was a teenager and often performed them in local gigs. In 2020, he released his first single called “Kau dan Aku”. This song is a romantic ballad that showcases his soothing voice and his ability to write heartfelt lyrics. This song became a hit in Indonesia and helped him to establish himself as a singer.

In 2021, Ken released his first EP called “Menemukanmu”. This EP consists of four songs that showcase his versatility as a musician. The songs range from ballad to pop, and each of them has its own unique style. This EP received positive reviews from music critics and helped him to gain more fans.

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Modeling Career

Aside from acting and singing, Ken is also a successful model. He has worked with several fashion brands and appeared in various magazines and ads. His tall and lean figure, combined with his charming smile, makes him a perfect model for fashion industry. He often posts his modeling photos on his social media accounts, which have attracted many fans.

Personal Life

Despite his busy schedule, Ken always makes time for his family and friends. He often visits his hometown and spends time with his parents and siblings. He is also active in social media, where he shares his daily life and interacts with his fans. He is known for his friendly and humble personality, which has gained him many fans.


Ken Saras is a rising star in Indonesian entertainment industry who has gained popularity through his talent and hard work. His success in acting, singing, and modeling has proven his versatility and potential. With his charming personality and his passion for entertainment, he is expected to become one of the most prominent figures in Indonesian entertainment industry in the future.

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